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Our Practice Areas


  • Investment Due Diligence

  • Growth Strategy

  • Business Infrastructure (CRM, ERP, SAP)

  • Competitive Strategy

  • Sales Management and Performance

  • Change Management

  • Corporate Culture - M&A

  • Corporate Culture - Alignment, Motivation, Performance

  • Hiring & Selection

  • Product/Market Innovation

  • Startup Success

  • Change Management Rescue (For stalled or sidelined Initiatives)

  • Executive Coaching & Development

  • Leadership Training

  • Product Management

  • Strategic Innovation

Working With Us

Our people have worked in a wide variety of industries in companies ranging from startups to large multinational firms, and both private and public sector including law enforcement and military.


While our approach is based upon the latest research and academics, you will find that we are very "real world" in our application.


Our process begins with a half-hour conversation to understand your business and what makes it unique amongst its competitors. From there we discuss where our assistance may be needed along each (or all three) of these paths:

  • Information

  • Strategy

  • Execution

Each of the above services offered within each of our practice areas above has a scope and a price point designed to meet the budget and needs of your company.  We are confident that we offer a far more effective solution and greater results in a far shorter period of time than the "traditional" offerings that are typically found in the marketplace. 

Furthermore, in most cases we work on a flat-fee basis rather than a billable hour basis. We require less time with your people to get the insight we need to do our job, which means far less interruptions and disruptions to your business as we work with you.  We want you to stay focused on our business while we do much of the work in the background.

And as for returns, the typical ROI that can be expected from working with our firm is approximately 3:1, delivered through either cost savings or revenue/profit increases depending on the financial and time investment you make with us.

Lastly, unlike many others we are quick to offer guarantees with our custom solutions.  They are determined by the type of problem or business situation we're being asked to help with along with the level of commitment and engagement of the company's leadership team.  Contact us today to find out more.

Next Steps

Depending on the path of engagement chosen above (Information, Strategy, or Execution) and the particular business need at hand, a proposal and outline will be provided for executive review and discussion typically within 48hrs of the intitial interview. Should an assessment be requested or required, commencement typically occurs within 48hrs of the initial discussion as well. 

Further Information

As each of our clients have unique situations and needs, we invite you to Contact Us for a more detailed conversation on specific engagements in each of our practice areas.

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