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The Challenge

Nobody has a crystal ball in business, but we may have the next best thing.

Our Difference

Many executives or owners have difficulty answering two key questions about their business:

1) How can we better control or predict our performance?  and more importantly,

2) How long can or should we expect that performance to continue?

While there are many clichés out there like "nobody has a crystal ball" or "change takes time", the fact is that many companies are able predict and control their performance results - even if in the middle of a recession.

Our difference?  Accuracy.  Successful companies are far more accurate on what stage their business is in, what they need to focus on (beyond the financials), and where they need to be aligned versus other companies who are at the mercy of economic and market forces for far longer than they need to be.  While an owner or executive team may have excellent intuition, it often isn't enough to react or align as quickly as the company needs to.  K. Grainger & Associates Ltd. can provide that extra edge.

We've worked in some of the world's leading organizations and have drawn upon the world's greatest thought leaders in management and performance to create what we believe are the most accurate, unique, and effective set of decision-making tools on the market today.  We combine these tools with best-in-class advice to bring not only greater results to a company, but a much greater degree of accuracy and accountability about both the future and future potential of a business that is of tremendous value to both owners and investors alike.

In short, this means that for any sized business we can not only tell you if our work can have an impact, but also by when, how much, and for how long.  These are bold claims but we are confident in making them because we know what we bring to the table, and our clients do as well. 


If you have a specific challenge in any one of our Practice Areas, or you are simply trying to figure out your next best move, we invite you to talk with us and discuss how our approach can make a difference.

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